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Location & Activities

  • Only 10 minutes by car from Villa la Angostura town which is well known for its beauty.

  • 50 minutes by car from Bariloche airport. 

  • 3 kms far from the entrance to Cerro Bayo Ski Resort.


Lots of activities can be done in different times of the year: bird watching, skiing, trekking, hiking, kayak, horse riding, cycling, fly fishing, casting and trolling, going to the beach, golf, etc.


Many great excursions can be easily organized such as a visit to the Arrayanes forest (unique in the world), Rio bonito cascade, Inacayal cascade, Victoria Island and many more. 


Route 40, km 2108 (ex route 231 km 54,5)


Villa La Angostura  -  Province of Neuquén


Distance from Bariloche Airport: 74 km of paved route. 

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